Who We Are

Dedicated to quality.

Working in Ethiopia, we’ve had the invaluable opportunity to learn about the history and craft of coffee. We’ve picked cherries from coffee plants, touched the soil, walked the land and washed the highest quality beans in the world. We’ve learned about the plants that absorb the most nutrients and infuse the most flavor into its beans. We’ve done the work to make sure our quality is unmatched. We can’t wait for you to try this.

Dedicated to accountability.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to amplifying our farmers’ voices. We seek every opportunity to have thought-provoking conversations with the heroes of our industry. Unfortunately, these brave, hard-working farmers suffer from immense hardships due to climate change. Droughts and lack of resources makes their lives more difficult than it needs to be. Our belief is that through our “beyond” fair trade program, we can create a safe space for these communities.

Our mission

Mizar Coffee Reserve aims to offer the world’s most exquisite coffee while amplifying the voices of the farmers who make it possible.



It takes an entire community of farmers to make every sip of our delicious coffee. We uphold the responsibility to tell their stories.



Through “direct purchasing” and “price stability” we strive to ensure our dedicated farmers earn what they deserve.



Our core principle at Mizar Coffee is to empower the community of coffee farmers, producers, and everyone within the value chain at origin whose livelihoods depend on coffee exports. To enjoy an exquisite cup of coffee, it literally takes an entire community of individuals, stretching across various cultures and continents to make every sip enjoyable.

Each coffee bean has an in-depth story: the farmers’ story, where the coffee is grown, the condition it was produced in, and the processing methods are all expressed through tasting notes. Not all stories are fully told through the tasting notes; the stories of farmers who are struggling to put food on the table, coffee farmers who are being exploited, farmer’s children who cannot afford to go to school, communities who do not have access to clean water, women farmers being treated unfairly based on their sex, and so on. We uphold the responsibility to tell their stories. And that is what transparency is all about.

Beyond Fair Trade

We created Mizar Coffee because we wanted to make a difference through coffee.

As the second most traded commodity in the world, the majority of coffee producing countries are witnessing poverty, with a slew of social issues.

We took on the role as a social impact venture, sourcing traceable coffee, high quality, single origin, ethically sourced, and meticulously roasted in our hometown in New York. The existing fair-trade model adversely impacts coffee communities, so are at the forefront advocating for beyond fair trade. And we have based it on the following principles:

DIRECT PURCHASING: We purchase from producers that focus on quality, sustainability, support farmers, market access, and premium prices for farmers.

PRICE STABILITY: We will always purchase coffee at stable, premium prices that are higher than commodity market and Fair Trade prices and protected from market fluctuations.

From the rich, beautiful lands of East Africa to our hometown in New York City and beyond.

We will always prioritize the most vulnerable segment of the supply chain and amplify their voices. We recognize time is always subjective, therefore we are committed to responding to situations and crises that may adversely impact vulnerable members of our industry.